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On the borderline with Asia, in a little corner of the southeastern region of Europe, lies a country whose beauty and charm are often overshadowed by its poor economy and, hence, cheapness.

“Cheap food, cheap holidays, cheap alcohol, cheap sex, cheap, cheap, cheap” is read on the promotional banners and heard from the mouths of lads recommending Bulgaria to their mates.

Little do people know that in Bulgaria there are some amazing things happening in the arts, crafts and music scenes. A post-communist country, with an urban landscape fusing brutalism with early-modern architecture, granting numerous spaces and fields for artistic expression. Below is a gallery demonstrating the little known but beautiful aspect in Bulgaria’s rich artistic culture:

Inspired and motivated, we decided to start a project which would grant these people, driving our culture forwards, a virtual space to sell and promote their work, inspiring and motivating even a greater number of people.

As opposed to just being a business, our venture will serve to exhibit and educate. That would be achieved through the curation of all the products and thorough biographies of the artists and craftspeople outlining their inspiration and method of work.

If you feel intrigued or inspired by what you read and saw, please show your support by filling out this short survey which will be of massive help to the successful execution of our project. Your opinion matters!

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